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Vaginal discomforts affect many women after childbirth and before menopause. In fact, up to 50% of women will experience vaginal atrophy at some point in their lifetimes. It can affect your self-esteem and relationships when sex is painful, and be embarrassing when normal behaviors like laughing make you leak. Women in the downtown Los Angeles area turn to leading urologist Leonard W. Liang, MD to reverse the effects of vaginal atrophy and incontinence, and reclaim their intimacy with the MonaLisa Touch®. Take the first step to recovering your femininity by calling Dr. Liang’s office today for a consultation.

MonaLisa Touch® Q & A

What problems does the MonaLisa Touch procedure treat?

The MonaLisa Touch treatment addresses vaginal atrophy, which can be a natural result of childbirth or the drop in estrogen that occurs as women age. The condition is caused by thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls, and in addition to vaginal symptoms, can also lead to urinary incontinence. If you experience vaginal dryness or pain during sex, then you might be suffering from vaginal atrophy.

Although vaginal atrophy is common, you don’t have to just “live with it”: Dr. Liang can provide effective treatment during a quick office visit. The MonaLisa Touch is also a great alternative treatment for women who can’t use hormone creams or gels, such as women with or at risk for breast cancer. While the procedure targets physical difficulties, it might even improve your emotional well-being by restoring your sense of femininity.      

What happens during the MonaLisa Touch procedure?

Although treating one of your most intimate areas might seem intimidating, the MonaLisa Touch is noninvasive and painless. In fact, no anesthesia is needed, and you can rest comfortably during the procedure.

At your in-office appointment, you’ll lie on the table with your feet in stirrups like you would for a pelvic exam. Dr. Liang then inserts the laser probe into your vagina to gently treat the vaginal walls with laser energy. You’ll feel no discomfort, although some women notice a slight tingling sensation.

How does MonaLisa Touch work?

The in-office laser treatment targets several causes of vaginal atrophy, including the decrease of collagen and muscle tone. MonaLisa Touch rejuvenates the vaginal lining so it begins to produce more collagen and other substances that increase blood flow and tissue regeneration. The procedure also helps restore natural vaginal pH levels to reduce dryness.

When will I see results?

The full MonaLisa Touch treatment includes three appointments spaced six weeks apart. Each session takes about five minutes. Within the first 30 days, you should experience noticeable changes, and your vaginal walls should feel supple and more lubricated. Dr. Liang may suggest that you return once each year for a follow-up treatment.

What side effects can I expect?

Although some women experience some slight, temporary swelling and discomfort, many don’t notice any negative side effects at all. After you leave the office, you can resume your normal activities. However, Dr. Liang may recommend that you abstain from sex, hot baths, and physical exercise for five days after treatment.

*Individual results may vary.

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