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Urinary stones affect up to 12 percent of people during their lifetimes. Dr. Liang is a top urologist serving the Greater Los Angeles area, with expertise in treating urinary stones and diagnosing their cause so they can be prevented.

Urinary stone Q & A

What is urinary stone disease?

Urinary stone disease is a condition in which mineral concretions form in the bladder or, more commonly, the kidneys.

What are the symptoms of urinary stone disease?

Depending on whether you have a kidney stone or bladder stone, your symptoms can include:

  • severe pain in the lower back and side and may spread to the lower belly and groin

  • pain that occurs in waves and can vary in intensity

  • painful urination

  • urine that appears pink, brown, red or cloudy

  • nausea and vomiting

  • difficulty urinating or emptying the bladder completely

  • increased urge to urinate

  • pain in the penis

  • fever if an infection is present

With bladder stones, there may be no symptoms unless the stone interferes with the flow of urine or irritates the walls of the bladder.

How can stones be treated?

Some kidney stones may be successfully treated with medication to help them pass through the urinary tract, in addition to pain medication and drinking plenty of water. Large stones or small stones that are symptomatic can be broken up into smaller fragments using sound waves or they can be surgically removed using a special scope inserted through your urethra or special instruments inserted through a tiny incision in your back. Bladder stones may also be broken apart with lasers, ultrasound or instruments, or they may be surgically removed.

What can I do to prevent developing urinary stones?

Both kidney stones and bladder stones can be prevented or their frequency can be reduced by drinking plenty of fluids, especially water. Dr. Liang can advise how much water you should be drinking to help avoid development of stones. Getting early medical evaluation of symptoms that affect your normal pattern of urination is also important for diagnosing underlying causes such as enlarged prostate.

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